Service conditions
  • Terms and Conditions

    The passenger understands and adheres to the Payment Bastión del Manso Travel & Adventure described below.

  • Airfares
    Prior to buying

    Any fees Payment takes the passenger must first consult before committing to buying it.
    For your convenience, below is provided a list of the most common restrictions that apply to the low Rates:
    - Tickets are not "endorsable", ie can be used only on the selected flights airline.
    - Tickets are valid only for the selected route, that is, you are not allowed to modify the source or destination of the flight.
    - Normally date changes are also restricted, but if they are allowed, you will pay a fee for the change, which varies according to the route, the season and the service provider.
    - Name changes are not permitted. This restriction applies to all rates, not only the most economical.
    - In case of cancellation, the charges normally applied by airlines vary between 10 and 100 percent of the cost of the ticket, depending on the anticipation with which report to the service provider.
    - If for some reason, the passenger interrupts the tour at one of the intermediate points of his itinerary, airlines do not refund the difference by the parties of the itinerary "not flown".
    - In case of loss of the ticket, the passenger must pay normally again. This is not the case of e- ticket, where there is no physical document.

  • Transportation contract
    Dependent on each airline

    Each airline sets its own conditions of transportation and commitment to the passenger.
    All eventualities such as schedule changes, stops, delays, missed connections, ban shipment, flight cancellations, airport changes, strikes, technical incidents, weather events , extra fees to those detailed in the air, and natural disasters all its consequences are not the responsibility of Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure.
    Although it is not our responsibility, we will try by all means to represent service providers, if any of these eventualities occur. To this end, we ask that you contact us immediately to inform you of how we should proceed.

  • Responsibilities of suppliers
    Contact us

    The passenger is invited to consult the conditions imposed by providers of each service for each trip or package regarding: schedules, itineraries, amendments and cancellation conditions.
    In certain travel seasons may apply special conditions or changes are made to the normal conditions established by suppliers.

  • If the passenger fails to register the day of travel
    The day of the trip

    Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure is not responsible if the passenger misses at the time of registration of the trip, nor it is not responsible for any delay transport to the starting point, even if the same occurs for reasons of force majeure, which cause the failure of the passenger at that point.

  • Costs
    Check pre-trip

    Prices of services booked through Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure are set by the same providers who have the right to make any changes to its fees for seasonal changes or changes in economic conditions are reserved. Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure will be forced to change prices according to these changes and the laws in force, those prepaid previously will be respected.

    The prices quoted on Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure excludes taxes to pay, all services before commencement of travel , visa costs , vaccinations, income of national parks and administrative positions. Prices are stated in Pesos Argentinos, unless expressly stated in another currency.

  • Reservations
    At least two days before

    Reservations can be made by mail or fax with a minimum of 2 days in advance in case of excursions and transfers. A period of at least 15 days in advance is needed, if the reservation compromise the hosting service, excursions and transfers , together .

    Once the booking is confirmed by "Bastion del Manso", we will answer to the applicant through the same means and he will be given the details of the services and the total amount to pay for those services.

    Once the booking is confirmed by "Bastion del Manso", the contractor will be asked to reconfirm the request by sending via fax or email the deposit slip which contains the payment for the full amount of the services requested.

    The minimum payment period is stipulated in 48 hours before the entrance to the passenger, for transfer services and excursions. And 15 days before being committed in case of hosting services.

    Advance payment for services provides guarantees of services thereof.

    Failure in any of these guidelines will result in the loss of reserves.

  • Travel time
    As agreed

    The day of departure and return are included in the total count of the days of the trip. Normally, the length of a packet is calculated based on the intervening nights, not in terms of full days spent at the destination point.

  • Food and Drink
    Included in the price of a packet

    The meals and drinks included in the price of a packet is always indicated in the description of each product.

    Anything not mentioned in the description, will be in charge of the passenger. Please take into consideration that providers do not reimburse the price of uneaten food that are included in the package.

  • Travel Documents
    Provision shall be communicated

    For all trips you will be communicated in advance of the necessary documentation to proceed.

    For example: Passport, VISA, immunizations, parental consent, etc.

  • Reconfirmation of return

    In all cases, it is imperative that you reconfirm your return.

    Many providers state that make this reconfirmation is required 72 hours prior to departure, doing the reconfirmation, you are sure to know about any last minute changes that should occur.

  • Reimbursement
    Upon approval by the supplier

    All refunds will be made once the suppliers have approved the reimbursement for Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure and have calculated the penalty applicable to the cancellation.

    The refund will be made for the resulting sum to give the total paid minus cancellation charges incurred by the supplier in addition to cancellation charges levied by Bastion del Manso Travel & Adventure.

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Airfares
  • Transportation contract
  • Responsibilities
  • If the passenger fails
  • Costs
  • Reservations
  • Travel time
  • Food and Drink
  • Travel Documents
  • Reconfirmation of return
  • Reimbursement