What is Corporate Tourism?

Active Corporate Tourism
  • What is Active Corporate Tourism?
    An innovative variant

    The active corporate tourism is an innovative variant of the meeting tourisml which proposes an interaction with nature and gives great value to the experience.
    Within this trend many leading companies worldwide have experienced excellent results, and Bariloche has developed in this area , being an ideal destination for this type of event.

  • Why choose San Carlos de Bariloche?
    Ideal for an incentive trip destination

    May we be ideal for an incentive trip destination is no accidental.
    Our city was declared the National Capital of Adventure Tourism and has a unique variety of adventure activities to integrate the implementation of corporate events, and has expert hands in the work of the group dynamics.

  • Outdoor Training
    Wide variety of activities

    Experiential learning in a different environment enhances the results of the work dynamics.
    In Bariloche, the diversity of the environment offers a wide variety of options when performing activities in contact with nature, from rafting in the summer to skiing in winter! Some activities are focused on identifying and improving leadership styles, others aimed at improving the skills of problem analysis and decision making; others to the proper handling of the negotiations and conflicts. There are plenty of activities according to the specific needs of each client.
    We use comprehensive learning tools , developing management practices combined with outdoor activities , to develop and strengthen teams, producing highly effective results for the company as a whole.

  • Incentive Travel and Corporate Tourism Benefits
    An excellent marketing tool

    Incentive trips are an excellent marketing tool to motivate and stimulate employees, teams, associates and all those who share common goals with the company. Team activities and outside the workplace, encourage exceed goals and objectives, offering instead an extraordinary experience achieving the integration of all members.
    The outdoors , the main component of incentive trips in Patagonia, help the company to become a working group in a competitive, motivated and aimed at achieving the objectives of the organization. This is because the emotional charge of the individual develops as a catalyst for individual, group and business progress.

  • Where to start?
    We help you

    Generally, the person responsible for organizing a corporate event for a company, feel overwhelmed by the number of variables which must be covered.
    Planning is not easy. Rather it is extremely complex, and it is hardly an objective that may arise one person. Transportation, lodging , meeting rooms , dynamics of specific work, entertainment, tours, technical equipment , catering , insurance and a long list of special requirements ... items to consider are truly extensive and unique to each case. Be welcome to contact us and our professional team will be there to help you personally.

  • Our services include:
    The following items

    - The planning and travel arrangements, designed and implemented according to the needs of the company.
    - Guidance to choose the activities to be carried out in our area, according to the profile of the group and company.
    - Procurement and financial management services travel / event holistically.
    - Logistics by land, air and sea/lake transport.
    - Production and development of promotional materials and gifts for the event.
    - Material distribution before, during and after the event.
    - Bastion del Manso Team full Advisory, 24 hs. Throughout the event.
    - Management presence and control of the results.
    - Graphic coverage (photography and video of the event)

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