A stunning tour among lakes, ancient and hanging glaciers and the unique Black Glacier

Tronador is the highest peak in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This is an invitation to tour around spectacular lakes and vegetation to see the hanging glaciers and snowdrifts that have ornamented Mount Tronador for thousands of years.

Program Description

After leaving Bariloche we take the National Route 40 South to cross the Pampa de Huenuleo and boarder the Gutierrez lake to cross Pilmayen and Melgarejo streams. After passing through the "watershed" we will visit the shores of Lake Mascardi to the fork where the road to Tronador (gravel) arises. During this tour we boarder again Mascardi lake on its western coast, facing the Emparedados Mount and the upper Manso River up to Pampa Linda.

Then we cross the valley of Vuriloches and finally, through a shady forest, we arrive to the Black Glacier. The tour ends a little later at the foot of Cerro Tronador. From this point the traveler can walk right up to the glacier tongue and enjoy this unique landscape.

At this place the Manso River is born and runs downhill and after several turns and merging several lakes, it empties into the Pacific Ocean. The Cerro Tronador with its 3.454msnm, is the most important height of Nahuel Huapi National Park, and has three peaks: International, Argentinian and Chilean.

Duration: Full day (9am)

Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and camera

Restrictions: None

Frequency: Daily

Hours: 9am to 18hrs.

Note: Does not include admission to Nahuel Huapi National Park ($ 35 - national residents, $ 80 - foreign residents)

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